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Published : Friday 3 March 2023
ISBN : 9780717195268
Price : €32.95


In this new edition of the market-leading Cyclone for Junior Cycle Geography, the content has been fine-tuned, and a range of new opportunities for assessment have been provided.

NEW! Exam Focus section at the end of each chapter Updated content, including new case studies (e.g. Migration from Ukraine) Focused CBA preparation in textbook and workbook PACKAGE INCLUDES: Textbook FREE Skills Book* FREE eBooks Teacher's Resource Book Digital resources on *included with the textbook KEY FEATURES NEW! More detail in particular areas such as primary activities, water cycle, soil erosion/ prevention and case study for globalisation NEW! Exam Focus section at the end of each chapter with: - Sample NCCA and SEC questions, exam (2022) and exam-style questions, sample starters and exam hints NEW! Up-to-date statistics and case studies such as Mudflow in India's Assam region and Migration from Ukraine NEW! Emphasis on environmental, economic and social impacts, as well as sustainability throughout NEW! Includes OS maps at various scales: 1:50,000, 1:25,000 and 1:10,000 SKILLS BOOK Written by best-selling Geography author, CHARLES HAYES Reinforces and complements the textbook Carefully graded questions promote the analysis of data and visual sources Word puzzles and cloze tests reinforce keywords and concepts in an enjoyable way Classroom-based Assessment guidelines provided for students in a portfolio style TEACHER'S RESOURCE BOOK Detailed schemes of work, with relevant Statements of Learning, Key Skills, Learning Outcomes and methodologies all highlighted Classroom-based Assessment guidelines Templates and graphics organisers to support active learning End-of-unit tests DIGITAL RESOURCES Curriculum-focused videos PowerPoints Quizzes Schemes and units of work WHAT TEACHERS ARE SAYING The use of the Ukrainian refugee case study has a massive impact in terms of up-to-date info and topics students will easily relate to. I think the end-of-chapter assessments are really well thought out - I like the differentiated approach and the inclusion of self-assessment and redrafting The Skills Book is a useful resource for additional questions on the topic taught. It is also possible for students to complete questions/activities independently.