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The Irish Gardener's Handbook: How to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit

Published : Friday 19 February 2010
ISBN : 9781847171931
Price : €11.99

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The Irish Gardener's Handbook: How to g...

19 Feb 2010


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It does what it says on the front cover: this book is aimed at everybody wants to grow their own food in Ireland - whether you are an expert or have never grown vegetables, fruit or herbs before but want to try. Written by an acknowledged and well-known expert.

Want to get into gardening? Wondering how to get started? Anxious that you won't know what to do? Have given up before, want to get started again? Want to improve your growing, yields and practices? This is the book for you. It takes you through all the most commonly grown vegetables and fruits in the context of Irish conditions. Learn from a gardener who has worked a garden since the 1940s as a child on his father's market garden, then as an adult home gardener and horticulturist, currently as an allotment advisor. This book combines the old and most recent knowledge in one easy-to-follow text. It's a book you'll consult over and over, through the wayward Irish seasons. Gardening for all situations