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The Year of the Locust

ISBN : 9780593064979
Price : €17.65

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The Year of the Locust



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I Am Pilgrim: The bestselling Richard &...

01 Apr 2014
Paperback Fiction


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***PUBLISHING IN NOVEMBER 2023*** This Is The Amazing New Thriller From Terry Hayes. If You Thought I Am Pilgrim Was Good... Author Biography: Terry Hayes is a former journalist and multi award-winning screen-writer. He wrote screeplays for, amongst others, Mad Max 2 - Road Warrior, Dead Calm, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Payback, From Hell and Vertical Limit, along with many un-credited writing on a host of other movies including Reign of Fire, Cliffhanger and Flightplan. The Year of the Locust is Terry Hayes' second novel. His first, I Am Pilgrim, was published in many languages and was an international bestseller. He lives with his wife and family in Lisbon.