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The Murder of Sonny Liston: A Story of Fame, Heroin, Boxing & Las Vegas

Published : Tuesday 25 July 2017
ISBN : 9781509814824
Price : €11.75

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The Murder of Sonny Liston: A Story of ...

25 Jul 2017


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An in-depth examination into the murder of the former Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston and a portrait of mob-ruled 1970s Las Vegas that is as gripping as any noir fiction.

On January 5th 1971, former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston was found dead at his Las Vegas home. Liston's death, labelled an overdose, has long hung over Las Vegas and the boxing world, leaving unanswered questions about his ties to mob kingpins, drug lords, billionaire hoteliers and powerful promoters. Against the backdrop of the pivotal era in the history of Las Vegas when the mob turned a sleep desert oasis into a gambling paradise, The Murder of Sonny Liston is both a riveting murder hunt and a stunning portrait of a city that was home to the Rat Pack, race riots and glittering high-rises along the strip.