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Mensa - Mighty Brain Teasers: Increase your self-knowledge with hundreds of quizzes

Author : mensa
Published : Thursday 9 January 2020
ISBN : 9781787393868
Price : €17.49

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Contains more than 500 puzzles designed not only to challenge puzzle-solving abilities, but also to increase levels of self-knowledge and logical thinking.

Mensa Mighty Brain Teasers is a wide-ranging collection of over 500 puzzles, games, tests and questionnaires that will dramatically increase your levels of self-knowledge. It is split into four sections. The first includes intriguing word, number and logic puzzles as well as some challenging practical problems. The second section is concerned with increasing self-knowledge and involves a wide variety of tests and games to increase your creativity. The next section is all about lateral thinking. It contains dozens of cunning puzzles with the most unexpected solutions. Finally, there is a superb collection of logic puzzles that will provide a test for even the most experienced puzzle-solver. With a total of more than 500 puzzles, readers of all abilities will be entertained for days. Mensa is the world's premier brain brand. All the puzzles in this book have been compiled by members of this world famous organization.