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Mensa - Big Brain Workout: Unleash your mind power with more than 500 puzzles

Author : mensa
Published : Thursday 9 January 2020
ISBN : 9781787393875
Price : €17.49

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Contains more than 500 puzzles of a wide variety of different types. The puzzles are set over three different levels of difficulty to suit every puzzle-lover's ability level.

The Mensa Big Brain Workout has been compiled by some of the world's most renowned puzzle writers. It contains more than 500 challenging puzzles of a huge variety, from word and number puzzles to logic problems, spatial problems and lateral thinking puzzles with three different levels of difficulty. Although Mensa puzzles are challenging, they remain accessible to the average reader. You don't have to be the possessor of a high IQ to solve them - all you need is a bit of logic and a lot of persistence.