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Attribute Nuts & Bolts Set Of 64



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DESCRIPTION Little builders tackle the basics with large nuts and bolts that fit together easily. Children lean shapes, colors and counting while they develop their fine motor skills. Includes: ? 32 bolts - 4 shapes, 4 colors (2 of each shape and color) ? 32 nuts ? 4 shapes, 4 colors (2 of each shape and color) ? Plastic storage container Grades: PreKCommon Core State Standards Alignment: Measurement & DataLearning Style: Tactile, VisualSkill Development: Basic Concepts - Not only will students gain insight in colors, shapes and counting with this set, but by identifying patterns, students are learning to make predictions about what comes next. This basic understanding of patterns can generalize to higher social development. For instance, brushing teeth comes after getting out of bed or math class comes after lunch period. Fine Motor - Twisting the nuts on the bolts requires a mature finger grasp and wrist rotation - the same skills needed for buttoning a coat or zipping a jacket. Math - Twisting several nuts on one bolt one-by-one can help students learn one-to-one correspondence as well as how to count up. This gives students a firm understanding of counting and adding to a number without having to restart counting from 1; they can continue the counting from the last one added.