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Published : Wednesday 15 February 2023
ISBN : 9780717195985
Price : €12.95

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Skills for Exam Success History by STACY STOUT is a guide to perfecting valuable exam technique for students, focusing on key exam skills such as source analysis and extended writing through the use of sample answers and practice exercises.

Written by STACY STOUT, co-author of Making History. Invaluable sample questions and answers with exam-focused tips from bestselling author STACY STOUT Comprehensive suggested marking scheme Extended answer checklists and structure strips 100% exam paper preparation! PACKAGE INCLUDES: Textbook FREE eBook* Digital resources on *included with the textbook KEY FEATURES All eight questions from the 2022 exam are covered Structure strips ensure students incorporate key historical words and terms in their answers Comprehensive marking scheme - QR codes beside each section Challenging vocabulary and question words clearly explained A step-by-step approach to source analysis Clear learning outcome mapping and learning checklists Clear and straightforward approach to questions that deal with commemoration, contentious issues, change and continuity, and the revision of historical judgements in the light of new evidence DIGITAL RESOURCES Learning Outcomes: full text of the LOs referenced in the book Tricky Terminology: worksheet to help students with question words Check Your Knowledge: set of worksheets to assess knowledge and understanding of key ideas and personalities Free eBook WHAT TEACHERS ARE SAYING Commemoration caused a great deal of concern. This book will really address all these concerns for me. Nice, clear, 'no panic' Revision Plan so students can tick off topics, and the suggested marking scheme is also really useful.